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  Organization Diagnosis

The effective diagnosis of organizational culture, structural and operational strengths and weaknesses are fundamental to any successful organizational development intervention.

... in our rapidly changing environment, new organization forms must be developed; more effective goal-setting and planning processes must be learned, and practiced teams of independent people must spend real time improving their methods of working, decision-making and communicating. Competing or conflicting groups must move towards a collaborative way of work. In order for these changes to occur and be maintained, a planned, managed change effort is necessary - a program of organizational development.

...........Richard Beckhard, OD Authority and Pioneer

This was written in 1969 and while much has been learnt it is just as true today. It is imperative that we know the current state of our organization objectively. The journey forward toward the desired state depends critically on the current state.


6-Dimension Organizational Capability Survey

The 6-Dimension Organizational Capability Survey can be used to determine how well an organisation aligns its people to the business objectives and engages their hearts and minds.

The survey can assist in assessing the critical gaps between where an organisation is and where it wants to be (i.e. its current and desired states) from the perspective of employees, with a view to developing strategic actions for improvement.

The survey questionnaire based on Capelle Consulting’s 6 dimensions of Common Destiny, Leadership, Competencies, People Management, Processes and Interfaces as well as Employee Satisfaction.

It comprises 4 parts viz. quantitative section where respondents have to assess the organisation on 6 dimensions, individual factors where they have to select the most important work factors as well as a descriptive comments section. In addition to data analysis, specific interventions to close gaps with follow-up action plans will be recommended.

Organizational Capability Audit

The Organizational Capability Audit encompasses corporate strategy, organizational capability as well as employee capability, mindset and governance.

It can be used to determine if the corporate strategy is clear and aligned to changes in the internal and external environment, if organizational capability is aligned with corporate strategy, if leaders and key employees have the required mindset and competencies and live by the corporate values, and if the organizational structure, processes and information systems correspond with the organizational capability.

The audit is conducted using the Organizational Capabilities Questionnaire, focus groups and interviews. Key findings and recommendations for upgrading the organizational capability will be provided in the Organizational Capability Audit Report.

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What can I expect to get out of this?
You would have a snap shot of the current state of your organization - your start point!
Additionally you would also have recommendations on how to start getting your organization moving in the right direction.